Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time Flies


More than a year since I posted last? How does that happen?

My intentions have been good, especially as I read and am encouraged by friends blogs. I read and think, hmm, I shuld post. But then I get distracted by life in general.

So here I sit, another year gone, another summer fading fast and feeling a bit melancholy.

It has been a phenomenal summer. I finished a painting project and replaced a horribly worn out family room set with a comfy cozy sectional; I travelled with my husband and my church to Mexico to share God's love by building a house for a precious family; I visited with different friends, relaxing and chatting by the pool; I watched several seasons of a TV show with my family (thanks to the comfy coxy sectional and netflix!); I've gone with my family to some of our favorite places -- Hershey Park and Ocean City -- simple day trips where we were able to re-live some great memories; I played with my daughter's new pet, a black, mini-lop bunny -- the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Yeah, it's been a good summer. But today daughter 2 got up early for pre-season soccer. I've taken a couple hours each day over the past week to plan for next year. I've begun to collect school supplies and inventory school uniforms, and I know there is lots to do in the next few weeks. Next week daughter 1 and I go on a road trip to visit colleges. She has but one year of high school left and then, oh my, college.

Perhaps that where the melancholy is coming from. Starting this school year means the end of an era. So many changes are coming and I feel it in my bones! Honestly, I DO enjoy change -- I like new things and I like the adventure. However, as summer fades and I am beginning to feel the stress of the school year mounting (so much to do before it starts), I am longing to hang on to this relaxed, peaceful summer of enjoying my family.

I wish I could find the balance -- to keep this peaceful, relaxed pace even when school starts. But once school starts and soccre season and 3 kids in middle / high school and youth groups and ... and ... and ... Life takes on a frenzied pace.

Somehow, I need to re-capture the rest that I find in the summer and hold on to it all year long.

Hopefully I won't let anther year slip by without stopping to think with my fingers again!

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