Monday, June 28, 2010


I haven't done much blogging -- just haven't made the time for it. But it is finally summer, and I can finally take some time to think.

Today my 16 year old daughter flew from the nest -- literally! We dropped her off at the airport about an hour ago, and I believe she is sitting on the plane getting ready to take off as I type. She is going to Guatamala for the second time on the "Never the Same" mission trip. She's joining with about 300 other teens for 3 days of training in Miami, FL before they begin their 10-day mission trip. They will spend their days sharing the gospel of Jesus through drama and through service.

Last year both of my daughters went together, and this year they go their separate ways. Daughter #2 (15 year old)leaves next Monday for a 1 week youth convention in Kentucky with her friends from church; later in the summer, she and I will spend a week in Mexico with our church mission teem. My son (11 1/2) leaves in two weeks to spend a week at camp.

As a teen, I loved going to camp, going on youth group trips, and doing missions work. I am thrilled that my Dad allowed me to have wings to fly. Now as a parent, I am thrilled to give my kids the wings to fly. However, now I realize that letting my kids fly is a hard thing, a good thing, but a hard thing. I can easily say I trust God with my kids, but this is where I put my words to the test!

One of my favorite verses is in III John, "I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth." These trips -- whether to another town (B's camp is only 15 minutes away,) another state (Kentucky), or another country (like Guatemala) -- allow my children to walk in the truth.

Letting them go is easy and hard at the same time. I know that they will come home to me (at least for a while), and I am so excited to hear how God is going to change them!

PS: If you want to follow my Guatemala baby, you can check out her blog, "Giving in to your Gravity" @